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Christian Lapie’s Chalk Hill Series and Open House

From Christian Lapie’s stunning series from his residency. (More of the series can be seen here.)





Christian Lapie at The Residency

IMG_4104Christian Lapie’s open studio with artists from the Sonoma County Mental Health program provided all with a peer-to-peer exchange that lead to impromptu talks, a look at Christians projects in countries as far away as Japan and India, and his new work. Christian answered questions, shared his artistic philosophies, demonstrated his charcoal techniques, and gave a tour of his studio. Participants were truly inspired, and then went to work on their own artistic charcoal visions. We built a fire, and shared a meal together. We were all so grateful that day to have an artist of Christian’s caliber share his generous spirit.



Welcome Megan Gorham

Megan is in residence from November 8th through the 29th…

“While in residence I intend to explore the landscape of Sonoma County and its surrounding areas. Seeking both the region’s edges and centers, I would like to photograph evidence of the changes brought on by time, nature and human intervention. I’m particularly attracted to this area of California because of its relatively rapid rise from a collection of small agricultural communities to an internationally known destination for wine production and tourism. I am interested in how these accelerated processes of transformation and adaptation visually affect the rural landscape.”