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Boughs of Our Form: Victoria Wagner

665c18f44c62d796c44c362410c3315e79c76c9d_434x434A book project. I have been writing stories for several years that speak to the intervention of the natural world upon our own physical health, stamina, resilience and repair.

The three short stories in this book examine relationships between emotion and context, body and environment, internal and external landscapes. Each narrative is wound around a specific tree or type of wood in the protagonist’s immediate environment and sentimental core.

My studio work is a combination of found wood sculptures, painted gradient vibrations and meditative geometric patterns. Corresponding to the stories are photographs of pieces from my studio practice that visually describe the complicated patterns of human response to tragedy, loss and recovery. The stories are non-fiction and largely triumphant and regenerative…..and hopefully, so, too is the artwork.

The initial impulse for this project began with a visit to an artist’s studio in London. She had been making artist books out of her photos and journal entries and they were so beautiful and personal that I was immediately inspired. It gave me the courage to begin to work with some of the personal narratives that I had been writing in combination with my studio work. I felt as if they had been working opposite ends of the same stories and bringing them together felt dynamic and very freeing. Continue Reading →

Updates from Alumni Brett Walker

MAKE_ART_HEADER_TEST_FIRST_DRAFT_R0017157_as_Smart_Object_1e83c89Online Store Brettsy is up and running and features three different sections of work: “Gallery Prints” contains editioned projects“, Accessibles”are usually non-print-related objects from the studio, and “iPhone Pictures.” iPhone Pictures are images made on the phone and are uneditioned, smaller prints which are signed and dated. Continue Reading →

Christian Lapie’s Chalk Hill Series and Open House

From Christian Lapie’s stunning series from his residency. (More of the series can be seen here.)





Christian Lapie at The Residency

IMG_4104Christian Lapie’s open studio with artists from the Sonoma County Mental Health program provided all with a peer-to-peer exchange that lead to impromptu talks, a look at Christians projects in countries as far away as Japan and India, and his new work. Christian answered questions, shared his artistic philosophies, demonstrated his charcoal techniques, and gave a tour of his studio. Participants were truly inspired, and then went to work on their own artistic charcoal visions. We built a fire, and shared a meal together. We were all so grateful that day to have an artist of Christian’s caliber share his generous spirit.



Welcome Megan Gorham

Megan is in residence from November 8th through the 29th…

“While in residence I intend to explore the landscape of Sonoma County and its surrounding areas. Seeking both the region’s edges and centers, I would like to photograph evidence of the changes brought on by time, nature and human intervention. I’m particularly attracted to this area of California because of its relatively rapid rise from a collection of small agricultural communities to an internationally known destination for wine production and tourism. I am interested in how these accelerated processes of transformation and adaptation visually affect the rural landscape.”

Congratulations to our 2015 Artists!

Congratulations to all of our 2015 artists…it’s going to be a great year!


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Scenes from the All Species Parade



In spite of the record high temperature that day, we had a great and enthusiastic turnout for the All Species Parade! The amazing Hubbub Club band led species of all sorts on a parade through the vineyards, followed by feasting and more music at the residency. We hope this becomes an annual event!

New Book Examines JCW’s AT&T Long Lines Building

01_011Amsterdam architect Julia Gottstein has published “The Volumetric Column”, a thesis examining John Carl Warnecke’s AT&T Long Line building in New York.

“It deals with the architectural topic of dissolving mass and creating lightness in a building that was built in total different context and remains as a witness in the urban fabric. My experimental approach of taking the columns and extending them to void spaces that cut light shafts into building should open the building up for more usage than only server space (as it is used now)—because it is far too beautiful and extraordinary for that!”

Christian Lapie in Residence October 21st to November 4th

Welcome Christian Lapie October 21st–November 4th !

images xtian_1 xtian_1 1

Christian is a French sculptor and painter who received his art diploma from the prestigious Ecole Superieur des Beaux Arts in Paris. His current work is mainly in monumental site specific sculpture. While at Chalk Hill he will make studies of imagined sculptures that fit into our landscape, and create an ephemeral sculpture at the edge of the vines & the wildlife area. Christian applied to our program for the warmth of interconnection & rich human experiences that we have on offer – these same emotions are at the heart of his sculptural work. Christian’s commissioned works live on four continents and many prestigious wine areas of Europe – yet to be seen in California. 


Frank Ryan at Sonoma State University Library Gallery

Chalk Hill alumnus Frank Ryan will be giving an artist’s talk at the Sonoma State University Library Gallery at 3pm, October 30, 2014.

The talk will be moderated by SSU Professor of Studio Art- Painting/ Drawing Mark Perlman. They will discuss perception, representation, and corporeal presence as it relates to the artist’s work. There will be a closing reception from 4-6pm.

The event is free and open to the public.

In this exhibition, Ryan focuses on the ephemeral presence of the human form. Drapery, haunted by bodily gesture, is preserved independent of its contextual origin. Continue Reading →

Documentary Delves into Life with Bi-Polar Disorder

OTM_Main_Title“Of Two Minds”, a new documentary film about bi-polar disorder, sidesteps expert opinions to hear from some more intimately acquainted sources—people who are living with it.

“Of Two Minds” will be shown at 3 pm on Saturday, Oct. 11, at the Summerfield Theater in Santa Rosa, with a Q & A session with the directors to follow.

It’s a non-profit event sponsored by National Alliance of Mental Illness, Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, Aurora Hospital and The Chalk Hill Artists Residency Program. Tickets will be $12 at the door. See the trailer below.

Details for the All Species Parade coming up on October 12th

The parade will start promptly at 12PM. Arrive at 11:30 if you would like to BE IN THE PARADE –> bring your costumes, wear your masks and get camera-ready!
Pork Tacos at 2PM.
David Bacigalupi Open Studio from 12-4PM.
Please follow signs for parking when you arrive, then proceed to the Residency House.
Directions to 13427 Chalk Hill Road, Healdsburg.
From 101 North take Shiloh Road/Windsor Exit.Turn right on Shiloh Road.
In 1.3 miles, turn left on Faught Road.
In 1.2 miles, turn right onto Chalk Hill Road. Continue on Chalk Hill Road for 5.5 miles to 13427 Chalk Hill on the left. Large agave plants mark the entrance.

Open House with David Bacigalupi: October 12th


Message in a Bottle

An installation of works in progress, new work and news from the gyre.

Please join us on October 12th, from noon to 4pm, for this very special open house with David, in conjunction with the All Species Parade.

(Please note that the parade starts promptly at noon.)

Please RSVP to alice@chalkhillresidency.com



Directions to 13427 Chalk Hill Road, Healdsburg.
From 101 North take Shiloh Road/Windsor Exit.Turn right on Shiloh Road.
In 1.3 miles, turn left on Faught RoadIn 1.2 miles, turn right onto Chalk Hill Road.
Continue on Chalk Hill Road for 5.5 miles to 13427 Chalk Hill on the left.
Large agave plants mark the entrance.

Welcome David Bacigalupi: September 12th to October 10th

While combing the beaches of Kauai four years ago, David Bacigalupi found himself dazzled by the enormous selection of beach plastic. The first day he picked up a pocketful in about 10 minutes. The next day he filled up a plastic quart container. The third day he filled a bread bag and picked up a single use juice bottle, a single use liter bottle, and half a wheelbarrow. At this point beach plastic became an obsession.

As a designer, David works with clients to discover and tell their company’s story. In his art, his skills and background are particularly suited to exploring the possibility that the power of art and design can influence and rewire how we use natural resources, in small incremental steps.

I have come to believe that art for art’s sake is a luxury we can no longer afford. We are faced with an extraordinary list of extreme environmental issues, the solutions to which are elusive and daunting to say the least.

During a year of study in Dominican University’s Green MBA certificate program I chose to address the quite tangible issue of our global addiction to plastic. It is laughable that one person imagines he can influence such a massive problem. I have co-opted a 100 year old quote as my mantra that puts this issue into a scalable format for me: ‘Do what you can with what you have where you are.’
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August Open House

Please join us for a special Open House Sunday, August 24th, 1-4 pm

Four of our recent residents will be showing work from their residencies on Sunday, August 24th, from 1 to 4 pm. Please join Victoria Veedell, Jason Avery Kelch, Allison Watkins, and Kristina Quinones for a summer day at the ranch.

Directions to 13427 Chalk Hill Road
From 101 Take Shiloh Rd. exit
Head east on Shiloh to Faught Rd.
Turn left onto Faught Rd. to Chalk Hill Rd.
Turn right onto Chalk Hill Rd. and go 5.7 miles
13427 is marked by large agave plants at the entrance
Follow the signs to the Open House



Kristina Quinones Jumps in with Both Feet


Kristina Quinones in Residence August 1st to 31st

Release Me

Release Me

Painter and printmaker Kristina Quinones was born and raised in Connecticut. Received her bachelor’s degree in Printmaking from the University of Connecticut in 2001 then moved to California. In 2005 she received her Masters of Fine Arts in Printmaking from the San Francisco Art Institute. Quinones has exhibited in group shows throughout the United States.

Kristina is in residence for the month of August.

Strong ties between Benziger winery, Becoming Independent

Chris Benziger

Chris Benziger

From The Press-Democrat, August 10th, 2014:

It’s just past 9:30 a.m. as Chris Benziger starts work at his extended family’s renowned winery on Sonoma Mountain, above Glen Ellen and below Jack London State Historic Park.

A helper, Robert Brown, carefully unfurls the involuntarily clenched fingers of Benziger’s right hand, then places in his grip the handle of a 5-gallon, green plastic bucket.

With Brown pushing Benziger’s wheelchair, the pair sets out to scan the scenic and heavily visited grounds of Benziger Family Winery for so much as a speck of litter. One of the international destination’s people-moving trams rolls by and the driver calls out, “Hey, Chrissy!” Benziger’s head tilts back as he smiles.

Minutes later, the operator of a passing forklift bearing four oak barrels hails Benziger: “Hola, Amigo! Hola! Hola!” Continue Reading →

Becoming Independent’s studio day with Allison Watkins

From Allison’s studio on July 20th, 2014.

New works from Allison Watkins

Allison Watkins was inspired to start a new series called “No Repeat” based on images of plant materials found on the ranch. The photographs will be the foundation for new fabrics.

Madness Is Female: Artists of the Prinzhorn Collection

In the early years of the twentieth century, Dr Hans Prinzhorn, an art historian who was assistant psychiatrist in the Heidelberg Clinic, began to collect the work of patients, which was catalogued, presented and used as a curiosity and a tool for diagnosis. In 1919, he put out a request for artwork from the other mental hospitals in German-speaking countries. The criteria for submission included that the patient should show artistic talent, and that the images should be an expression of mental disorder. Many artists did not fulfill these criteria, as they were, as far as Prinzhorn was concerned, too mainstream. Only 20% of the artists whose work is in the Prinzhorn collection at the Heidelberg Clinic were women. This is not surprising when one considers that even today women artists are often under-represented in galleries and in corporate art collections. Continue Reading →

New work from Allison Watkins

Allison started a new series while at the residency called “No Repeat,” photographs for fabrics.

“There seemed to be a special energy to the area which I found to be very inspiring.”

Go to Allison’s Tumblr blog for more about Allison’s work.

The Grateful Dead at the ranch, 1968

Check out this 1968 video of the Grateful Dead on the river at Warnecke Ranch (timestamp: 3:07 to 3:45)

In 1968, a 7-minute film featuring the Grateful Dead was released, directed by one Robert Nelson. Unimaginatively titled Grateful Dead, it featured music from the first album, carefully synced to footage of the band playing, canoeing and goofing around in an idyllic rural setting. This was no home movie–Nelson was a professional, if ‘underground’ filmmaker, the music was properly mixed and the whole enterprise was probably financed by Warner Brothers as a promotional exercise.

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Welcome Victoria Veedell: In Residence July 1st to July 15th

©Victoria Veedell  Inside Victoria's studioWelcome painter Victoria Veedell! Victoria will be in residence for two weeks and we’re really looking forward to seeing her interpretation of the summer landscape at the ranch.

At Chalk Hill I plan to draw inspiration from the unique colors of the landscape to make a series of small oil paintings. I am very interested in observing, feeling and recording the atmospheric conditions particular to the Russian River area. Devoting two weeks to focused observation and painting would allow me time for a thorough investigation of changes in light and color throughout the day. I gather inspiration by going on walks to record my impressions with photos, words, color studies and small sketches. Back in the studio, I manipulate the photos in the computer and use those images as the starting point for new paintings. My paintings seek to elicit an emotional response to the effects of light on color in nature. I use light as the basis by which to draw in the viewer to connect to my work. I allow the light to set the mood for the painting, creating a meditative atmosphere.

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Welcome Allison Watkins: June 14th to June 30th

AllisonW_portraitAllison Watkins uses hand-stitched embroidery to bring her drawings of clothing to life, creating a sort of trompe l’oeil effect where her textile “paintings” are imitating and standing in place for other textiles.

“Wanting to capture the transitional nature of clothing throughout our lives, I drew and embroidered an image of my closet from photographs. The clothing could come and go, and I would always have this documentation of the way it once was. Through the trace and the repetitive process of embroidery, the garments became flat and unrecognizable—no longer functional, yet still tactile. It is unclear whether the garment is deteriorating with time or in the process of being created. I view the spaces they create as floating simulations of the photograph as well as the three-dimensional garment, and see them as an interpretation of what was once present.

Recently, this body of work has taken the form of photography and large-scale installation. These pieces aim to bridge two fields, and I’m very interested in: photography and textiles. For this series I’m collecting patterns and repetition of natural form through photography. The photographs are then folded, wrinkled, re-photographed, and then printed to resemble bolts and swatches of fabric. This work is very new, and I’m excited about the direction it’s moving in.”

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Now accepting applications for 2015


Chalk Hill Artist Residency is now accepting applications for 2015. Our residency program supports artists in their creative process and the development of new works while offering the time and space to be immersed in a uniquely beautiful natural setting. We provide artists working in diverse media with housing and workspace at Warnecke Ranch and Vineyard, located on the Russian River, an hour and a half north of San Francisco. The Program is interested in established artists, emerging artists and outsider artists. We encourage applications from individuals and collaborative teams. Chalk Hill Residency also encourages artists living with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges to apply who may require special living needs, like attending with a care-provider. Click here to be directed to our application information. Applicants will be notified August 30th.


Jason Avery Kelch in residence

“As a painter exploring landscapes, interiors and the figure my first impression on visiting the Chalk Hill Residency location was the vast amount of in-between spaces on the property. I am interested in the interstitial spaces between the interior or “being inside” and exterior or “being outside”. I believe that the blurred line between private and public space creates an interesting narrative.
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Please join us for “Stages of the Russian River” June 6th and 7th

In celebration of summertime, a one-mile stretch of the Russian River in Healdsburg will be the site of an unusual intersection of performance and ecology when Russian Riverkeeper, Hugh Livingston and Fred Euphrat join forces to present Stages of the Russian River.

Livingston, a cellist, composer and sound artist, created the opera with Healdsburg writer, forester and radio essayist Fred Euphrat, who wrote the opera’s libretto telling the story of the river and its natural history.

Stages of the Russian River will be performed on the riverbanks of the historic Warnecke Ranch & Vineyards on Chalk Hill Road in Healdsburg on the weekend of June 6 and 7. (Friday, June 6, 7 p.m. and Saturday, June 7 at 2 p.m. and 5:30 p.m). Thanks to a generous donation, tickets are now all just $40. Reserve yours here.

The interactive and intimate opera plays with the boundaries of water, land, and music and invites the audience to participate in the experience.

Stages of the Russian River is supported by the Arts & River Project at Russian Riverkeeper as part of its mission to celebrate the river, educating and enlightening Sonoma residents about river access, gravel mining, fish habitat and drinking water quality.
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Welcome Jason Avery Kelch, May 13th through June 10th, 2014

Welcome to painter Jason Avery Kelch!

“As a painter exploring landscapes, interiors and the figure my first impression on visiting the Chalk Hill Residency location was the vast amount of in-between spaces on the property. I am interested in the interstitial spaces between the interior or ‘being inside’ and exterior or ‘being outside’. I believe that the blurred line between private and public space creates an interesting narrative. I am also captivated by the objects placed in the houses, the structures themselves and their significance as it relates to intentional placement, cultural atavism, history, myth and memory. My intention is to create a series of works on paper and panel that capture an amalgamation of the interior and exterior spaces on the property as well as the objects present thus creating a partial visual mythology that is a derivative of the actual physical space.”


Follow Jason on Facebook.

Spring Open House Sunday, May 4th 1-4PM

Our Spring Open House will feature our three most recent residents:

  • Ali Koehler, ” Being in the Now” painter and Becoming Independent ProArtist
  • Visionary sci-fi painter Justin Sobczyk
  • Performance by current resident, LA sound artist Scott Cazan @ 2:00 PM

In addition we will be joined by Ali’s fellow artists from Becoming Independent ProArts Program and ProArts Council Members for a special viewing of BI Art Portfolios. Artwork will be for sale! Who do you collect? Come join us to celebrate our unique partnership with Becoming Independent ProArts program.

Focaccia and Martinelli’s cider will be served under the oaks, with treats courtesy of GHD. Thank you Sue Brady and GHD (formerly Winzler&Kelly) for hosting the ProArts portfolio review!

Directions to 13427 Chalk Hill Road, Healdsburg.

  • From 101 North take Shiloh Road/Windsor Exit.
  • Turn right on Shiloh Road.
  • In 1.3 miles, turn left on Faught Road
  • In 1.2 miles, turn right onto Chalk Hill Road. Continue on Chalk Hill Road for 5.5 miles to 13427 Chalk Hill on the left. Large agave plants mark the entrance.

Image 8Becoming Independent ProArts is honored to be partnering with Chalk Hill Artists Residency, where Becoming Independent ProArtists have a satellite studio for creativy and collaboration with professional resident artists. A unique opportunity that builds a strong foundation and provides a wonderful setting for creative output.


Scott Cazan in Residence April 4th to May 3rd

photo_webWhile in residence, Scott Cazan is composing a new series of short pieces that use environmental data from the Chalk Hill grounds to produce environmentally specific compositions. These compositions will be performed live by Scott as well as performed by small micro-computers installed throughout the premises. Each piece will explore different characteristics of the surrounding environment by focusing in on a specific set of gathered data from the location of performance. Scott will use a number of Beagleboard micro-computers as well as Arduino microcontrollers with sensors attached providing information for analysis by custom-made software. Each module will be capable of advanced sound synthesis and each will act as a small temporary sound installation spread around the area taking, as their input, environmental data and outputting musical gestures based on that data. Continue Reading →

Beautiful day for the Plein Air Painters

The sun broke through the clouds just for the painters on Sunday, March 30th. We had about 40 painters from all parts of the bay area all over the ranch yesterday and the artistic variety of views was amazing! IMG_0581

More from the day:

And more here!

Justin Sobczyk in Residence March 23rd to April 1st

“Impassioned by my love for science fiction and an unbridled devotion to the esoteric, I attempt in my work to envelop the viewer in a world seldom seen in the waking state, focusing on a distinct crescendo of color, geometry and images to draw ones attention away from my otherwise, chaotic dribble.”


More from Brett Walker’s residency

My project is called “The Red Place” and it uses descriptions of photographs made by Geryon, the main character in Anne Carson’s poetic novel “Autobiography of Red” as its point of departure. Carson’s novel basically strings together fragments of the narrative poem of Geryoneis by Stesichorus and makes it into a contemporary poetic novel. So in much of the same way that Carson took liberty at making Geryon her own work, I took liberty at building my own autobiography (although I’ve been thinking of it as more of a memoir) through actual photographs.

Origin of Time, Brett Walker, resident 2014

Origin of Time, Brett Walker, resident 2014


Ali Kohler in Residence March 17th to 19th

IMG_0227_2In March 2014 we welcomed artist Ali Koehler as a resident at CHAR. Having attended a number of our Community Studio Days, she applied for a residency with her assisted living care providers. Ali has been a participant of Becoming Independent in the ProARts department for several years, where she has had the opportunity to explore a variety of media. Ali is an accomplished singer and a professional artist. She creates beautiful large scale colorful paintings that focus on her motto of “Being in the now”. That phrase and Ali’s productivity as an artist have helped guide her through her mental health challenges and lead a full and productive life.


Open Studio Day with Brett Walker

Photographers from NAMI joined Brett Walker on Thursday, March 13th for an Open Studio Day.

Spring Open House 2 Photographers: Danielle Mourning & Brett Walker


Please join us for Chalk Hill Artist Residency’s Spring Open House
Sunday March 16, 1-4 PM

We’ll be serving Mint Tea and Banana Bread, with time to discover the artist house and the inspiring hike to the top of Chalk Hill, there is a surprise up there!

Brett Walker is in the house

While in residence, Brett is focusing on beginning a new body of photographs called “Red.”

“Red is a project  I have been conceiving for some time; it’s a photographic interpretation of the photographs made by the character Geryon in the novel “Autobiography of Red” by Anne Carson.

 I initially came across Anne Carson in grad school, and subsequently read “Autobiography” twice  in a matter of months. There was something within the main character, Geryon, that grabbed me and made me feel like a sympathetic collaborator. Within the novel, he makes a series of photographs, his autobiography, and it is my desire to physically create this body of photographs. Continue Reading →

Please join us for Chalk Hill Artist Residency’s Spring Open House this Sunday March 16, 1-4 PM

We’ll be serving Mint Tea and Banana Bread, with time to discover the artist house and the inspiring hike to the top of Chalk Hill, there is a surprise up there!

Danielle Nelson Mourning, Resident January & February 2014

DNM_post_imageI begin 2014 with two months at Chalk Hill Artist Residency in the Alexander Valley of California. The program grants me with a charming home and a barn studio on 265 acres along the Russian River. Alice, the fifth generation of Warneckes running the ranch is an artist (Alice’s Art) stemming from a lineage of great creative talent. Alice and her Aunt Margo realized what an exceptional place they could open to artists. Quiet and solitude manifest thoughts, visions and inspiration. The songstress Carol King says she is mere portal for the music which comes to her. With no distractions, a residency can completely assist such work.

From Danielle Nelson Mourning’s blog Girl from the West.

Brett Walker in Residence, March 3rd to March 16th

Brett Walker is a visual artist from San Francisco. He works primarily with photographic and filmmaking media. He graduated from the Maine College of Art in 2006 with a BFA in Photography and in 2012 from the University of California Berkeley with an MFA in Art Practice. His work has been included in exhibitions and screenings throughout the United States and abroad. From 2012-2014 his short film “Drinking The Ocean Through A Straw” was included in the touring exhibition The Kids are All Right” which originated at the John Michal Kohler Art Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin where, in 2012, he also spent two weeks as an artist in resident teaching black and white photography to middle and high schoolers. Continue Reading →

Warnecke Ranch and Chalk Hill Residency featured in Sonoma Magazine

Read more about the history of our ranch and the artistic legacy that led us to creating Chalk Hill Artist Residency. Click here to read the article online, p. 129


Local blind artist on ‘Today’ show

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

At last, NBC’s “Today” show has aired the piece shot last October that has Ken Rossi, blind artist and force of nature, demonstrating his art-making to kids at the Sonoma County Museum.

Repeatedly pushed off the broadcast schedule by world events, the segment on the 49-year-old Rossi and the intrigued students from Windsor’s Brooks School is well worth the wait.

Reported by Today’s Sarah Dallof, the nearly three-minute feature aired Saturday morning.

It shows Rossi answering questions from students of Hilary Sowers as he draws with crayon-like oil pastels. Then the 32 kids try their hand at drawing with their eyes closed.

Coincidentally, the story appeared on Today exactly eight years after Rossi was nearly killed by a car that slammed into his wheelchair as he was crossing Santa Rosa’s Montgomery Drive, not far from his apartment. He is unable to walk because of a condition unrelated to his blindness. Continue Reading →

Danielle Nelson Mourning, in Residence January 6th to February 28th

DMourning_windows“Narrating, performing and capturing what at first glance may seem like an obvious scene on paper is in fact the evolution of a voyeuristic and mysterious journey as a self-portrait artist. There is an exchange taking place between myself as both the artist and subject and the other “unseen being who is narrating what transpires on film.”

Stages of The River

A limited preview of Hugh Livingston’s “Stages of the Russian River” was presented in August 2013 at the Ranch.

On Saturday, June 7, 2014, Hugh will present the full large-scale 3-act River Opera—following the curving intersection of Brooks Creek and the River, the Opera will move from glade to glade, using natural features to define the stage.

Multiple musicians will be spread throughout the space, as well as installations that reflect on the sonic and visual qualities of the River (preview of installation components and concepts).

Libretto by Fred Euphrat. Composition and Production by Hugh Livingston. Technical direction and installation by Brendan Aanes.

Chalk Hill presents at Alliance of Artist Communities annual conference


Friday, October 25 2013 San Jose Quilt Museum
9:00am – 9:45am Micro-Sessions

(4) Creative Access: Integrating Artists with Disabilities

Learn about one inspiring and effective model for integrating artists with disabilities into a creative community. Chalk Hill Artist Residency will share the story of their Studio Program, where artists from local nonprofits develop a reciprocal creative relationship with artist-in-residence, focusing on sharing rather than teaching to create an atmosphere of peer-to-peer exchange that leads to impromptu collaborations and new work. Hear from Chalk Hill and one of their partners, Becoming Independent, about how the Studio Program establishes personal connections, fosters creative interplay, and welcomes possibilities.

  • Alice Warnecke, Program Director, Chalk Hill Artist Residency
  • Margo Warnecke Merck, Board Member, Chalk Hill Artist Residency
  • Lisa Folsom-Ernst, Fund Development Director, Becoming Independent

Chanate Hall Art Group visits with Frank Ryan

Frank Ryan in Residence Oct/Nov

Frank Ryan is a native Californian, born and raised in Marin County. Inspired by the landscape of his surroundings, he focuses on the immediate aspects of direct observation to find unique perspectives on the common subjects of his experience. Ryan draws from the historic themes of American and European realist traditions to reflect on contemporary American life.

His influences include Edward Hopper, the Ash Can School, John Singer Sargent, and Manet. Literary influences include Raymond Carver, John Fante and Charles Bukowski.

Frank Ryan received his BFA from Sonoma State University and his MFA in oil painting from UCLA. His work has been exhibited in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, and Chicago. He has been reviewed in the Los Angeles Times and his paintings have been featured in Studio Visit Magazine and New American Paintings. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

Congratulations to our 2014 Residents!

Danielle_Mourning_Annelles-CornbreadDanielle Nelson Mourning January 6th–February 28th, 2014 “Narrating, performing and capturing what at first glance may seem like an obvious scene on paper is in fact the evolution of a voyeuristic and mysterious journey as a self-portrait artist. There is an exchange taking place between myself as both the artist and subject and the other “unseen being who is narrating what transpires on film.”


BWalker_FilmmakerBrett Walker March 3rd–March 16th, 2014 “My daughter sent me a text recently that read: ‘It’s going to be dark tonight. I hope you don’t get stuck in the dark tonight.’ …Although I’ve been making and exhibiting artworks for years, it’s only been in the last few years that I’ve allowed myself the freedom to center my artistic practice on the act of making pictures…my work is a product of my life, and life itself is something you can’t speed up. My work comes as my life unfolds, and as long as I am present and transparent in my world, I no longer have to worry about getting stuck in the dark.”

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Welcome Monique Lazard!

Monique Lazard began painting and drawing as a young girl and never stopped. Her formal education began as an undergraduate at the Academy of Art in San Francisco where she received her Associate of Arts degree with an award in Fashion Illustration.  Her BA degree is from the California College of Art in Oakland, CA. Graduate studies were pursued at the Art Center College of Design & the Art Institute in California.

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Sonoma County blog features Warnecke Ranch

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 2.47.28 PM

From the Visit Sonoma County blog, Gretchen Giles features Warnecke Ranch:

“Gingham blouses, sturdy caps, the study of architecture — and don’t even start asking them about Stanford. Suffice it to say that commonalities abound.

Perhaps it’s more than a coincidence that Alice Warnecke and her aunt Margo Warnecke Merck showed up to work on a cool Sonoma County June day dressed alike in gingham blouses and sturdy caps.

Perhaps it’s a natural response to the synchronicity these two have created since they took over operations of the 100-plus years-old Warnecke Ranch and Vineyards in 2011.

Alice, an artist, lives on the property with her fiancé, an architect. Margo, an architect, lives across the street with her husband. Both devote their lives to the legacy left to them by Margo’s father, John Carl Warnecke, an architect, and his father, the prominent San Francisco architect Carl I. Warnecke.

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Mark Growden

Mark Growden is a singer, writer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, record producer, visual artist, workshop leader, and the founder and artistic director of The Calling All Choir. He has devoted his life to making music for other people, and to helping other people make music for themselves. He leads community sings and singing workshops across the country.

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Becoming Independent Photographers visit with Klea McKenna