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Scenes from the All Species Parade



In spite of the record high temperature that day, we had a great and enthusiastic turnout for the All Species Parade! The amazing Hubbub Club band led species of all sorts on a parade through the vineyards, followed by feasting and more music at the residency. We hope this becomes and annual event!

New Book Examines JCW’s AT&T Long Lines Building

01_011Amsterdam architect Julia Gottstein has published “The Volumetric Column”, a thesis examining John Carl Warnecke’s AT&T Long Line building in New York.

“It deals with the architectural topic of dissolving mass and creating lightness in a building that was built in total different context and remains as a witness in the urban fabric. My experimental approach of taking the columns and extending them to void spaces that cut light shafts into building should open the building up for more usage than only server space (as it is used now)—because it is far too beautiful and extraordinary for that!”

Christian Lapie in Residence October 21st to November 4th

Welcome Christian Lapie October 21st–November 4th !

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Christian is a French sculptor and painter who received his art diploma from the prestigious Ecole Superieur des Beaux Arts in Paris. His current work is mainly in monumental site specific sculpture. While at Chalk Hill he will make studies of imagined sculptures that fit into our landscape, and create an ephemeral sculpture at the edge of the vines & the wildlife area. Christian applied to our program for the warmth of interconnection & rich human experiences that we have on offer – these same emotions are at the heart of his sculptural work. Christian’s commissioned works live on four continents and many prestigious wine areas of Europe – yet to be seen in California.