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Spanish mixed media artist Javier Arce joined us at the residency for the month of March. During his stay, Javier had a very successful exhibit at the opening of the Minnesota Street Project with Jack Fischer Gallery featuring his installation of pen on crushed tyvek, called Seeing the Elephant. His series was inspired by the many subcultures of America throughout history, from motorcycle gangs, to cowboys to the Black Pather movement, what can be referred to as “The Other America.”
Here are a few photos from his show.
You can see more of his work at javierarces.net




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“Chalk Hill II” by Recent Artist in Residence, Catharine Clark-Sayles

Thank you, Catharine, for this beautiful poem!

catharine clark-sayles

Chalk Hill II

A nursery sky of pink and blue,

quarter moon ghosts through

the sycamore’s bare branches.

Evening chorus rises from the pond

bass bullfrogs and treble peepers:

motif, refrain, pause, begin again.

The new cab vines are coltish:

slender legs and whippy vines.

Workers will arrive this week

prune and tie them to rows of wire,

more sedate, this year they should

bear fruit and in a dozen years

their vintage may be known;

if the rains are gentle and come

in time, if summer heat is not too great,

if the glassy sharpshooter stays away.

Wine is a game of hope and time

for someone to sip and frown

describe blackberry jam or cinnamon,

a hint of oak, a touch of smoke.

To roll the dance of sun and soil

across a tongue and nod and sigh,

commune with luxuriant possibility,

touch the edge of love.

Congratulations, Karen!

One of our current artists in residency, Karen Hackenberg, is receiving much well-deserved acclaim for her works from her series Floating World. She recently spoke on a panel at Saint Mary’s College where her pieces were included in a traveling exhibition, Environmental Impact.

Works from the same series were recently featured in Fresh Paint Magazine along with a great interview! Check it out here!

Congrats on your continued success, Karen!


Karen Ice dayHave an Ice Day


Karen with her piece that was featured on the promotional pieces for the Environmental Impact exhibit at Saint Mary’s College.

February Resident: Painter Karen Hackenberg!

We are excited to welcome painter Karen Hackenberg to the residency. Her provocative oil and gauche paintings lightheartedly address the serious issue of the pollution of our oceans and waterways.

She currently is working on a series titled “Floating World.” Welcome, Karen!

Learn more about her works at http://karenhackenberg.com/

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