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Becoming Independent’s studio day with Allison Watkins

From Allison’s studio on July 20th, 2014.

New works from Allison Watkins

Allison Watkins was inspired to start a new series called “No Repeat” based on images of plant materials found on the ranch. The photographs will be the foundation for new fabrics.

Madness Is Female: Artists of the Prinzhorn Collection

In the early years of the twentieth century, Dr Hans Prinzhorn, an art historian who was assistant psychiatrist in the Heidelberg Clinic, began to collect the work of patients, which was catalogued, presented and used as a curiosity and a tool for diagnosis. In 1919, he put out a request for artwork from the other mental hospitals in German-speaking countries. The criteria for submission included that the patient should show artistic talent, and that the images should be an expression of mental disorder. Many artists did not fulfill these criteria, as they were, as far as Prinzhorn was concerned, too mainstream. Only 20% of the artists whose work is in the Prinzhorn collection at the Heidelberg Clinic were women. This is not surprising when one considers that even today women artists are often under-represented in galleries and in corporate art collections. Continue Reading →