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Photos from 2015 resident Binta Ayofemi

Binta was a resident at Chalk Hill from January 16–25th, 2015.

Frank Ryan on Reworking a Painting


From Chalk Hill alumni Frank Ryan:

“Sometimes I want a painting to be finished, but it just isn’t resolved.

This can happen for any number of reasons:

  • a blind spot develops in perception
  • willingness to settle for a less than desired outcome
  • laziness and creative block
  • feeling rushed by pressing deadlines”

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Welcome to Dylan Bolles, February 1st through the 22nd

movelightDylan Bolles makes performances with people and environments, many of which involve the design and construction of new musical instruments and the cultivation of co-creative relationships based in listening practice. His activities include a wide range of performance-based collaborations, time-based arts, installations, and sound compositions rooted in shared temporal experience. He’s a also founding member of thingamajigs.

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Welcome to Stasea Dohoney, February 1st through the 22nd

Stasea Dohoney is a passionate collector, curator and artist working in the medium of oils, paper and repurposed artifacts. She’s recently transitioned from her career in retail to that of a full-time artist. Looking forward to seeing her residency work!